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Last month, we took a trip to Palm Springs. We’ve vacationed in Palm Springs since Micaela was a toddler, so it has a special place in our hearts. It’s ironic how after decades of commuting to Palm Springs from the East Coast, we now live two hours away. But maybe it’s not ironic since everything in your life serves a purpose and dry heat is also very healing for Micaela’s Lyme disease, mold, and parasites.


If you’re ever in Palm Springs, here are our favorite things to do:


Palm Springs Guide


Joshua Tree National Park
The city of Joshua Tree is only about one hour away from Palm Springs and within the quaint city (which is worth checking out too) is Joshua Tree National Park. The Park is so vast, peaceful, and photogenic. Its otherworldly topography reminds us of another planet.


Parker Palm Springs
The Parker is an exclusive hotel that has an eclectic old Hollywood style inside and out. Since the hotel is a private property, you can't get into the hotel unless you're a guest or have reservations at one of their restaurants. We recommend brunch at Norma’s.


Palm Springs Guide


La Quinta Resort & Club
Located about 30 minutes Southeast of Palm Springs is the city of La Quinta. La Quinta Resort & Club is another beautiful hotel but not quite as exclusive as the Parker (aka you can walk around the grounds without being a guest). The free-standing casitas you can stay at are absolutely adorable. The entire setting has a dreamy desert aesthetic and makes for beautiful pictures.


Palm Springs Guide


Moorten Botanical Garden
This botanical garden specializes in cacti and other desert plants. It also houses the world’s first Cacterium which is a greenhouse entirely of cacti. If you’re going to visit, know that the garden is only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 am-1 pm.


Palm Springs Guide


Azure Palm Hot Springs
We took a spa day at Azure Palm for the first time this past trip and will most definitely be back. It’s actually a resort you can stay at, but we did their spa experience day pass. Included in the day pass are the mineral baths, infrared sauna, foot reflexology walk, jacuzzi, and pool. 


Palm Springs Guide

Shields Date Garden
If you love dates like us, you’ll love Shields Date Garden. The arid landscape and high temperatures produce the highest quality of dates—sweet and plump. In addition to their store, they have a cafe and you can see where they harvest the dates. It’s also where you can get the best date shake you’ve ever had if you want a treat.

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