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Thanks, Mom


My July was born out of my (Micaela) chronic illnesses. The skin on my hands was once so dry and irritated, I lost mobility in my fingers. It’s at that time my mom, Dawn, started experimenting with homemaking her own skincare for me. Using shea butter as her base, she added carrier oils and essential oils to make a thick, dense, but easily spreadable body butter.


Thanks, Mom


When I was little, I often wore bandages over my rashes.


We decided to launch the body butters as a line of certified organic, vegan, and plant-based skincare called Drifter Organics which is now My July. Focusing my energy on this new project took my mind off of all of the things going horribly wrong with my health. And my mom was my best friend, so working with her on a business venture seemed like a natural extension to our symbiotic relationship.


Give gratitude to whoever has listened to you when you needed to be heard, to whoever has held you when you needed to be held, and to whoever has seen you when you needed to be seen. Whoever is that figure to you, keep them close to you, tell them “I love you” often, and never let them go.


In harmony with nature,
Micaela, Co-Founder & CEO

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