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  • *Lyme Disease Awareness Month: Donating 10% of our profits to Global Lyme Alliance for the month of May*

 The Story Behind My July


My mom and I started a skincare company called Drifter Organics when I broke out with rashes on my hands so severe, I lost mobility in my fingers. My mother mixed together raw ingredients from nature to create skincare treatments I could safely use. We knew I couldn’t be the only one dealing with enigmatic health issues, so in 2016, we launched our skincare for anyone who didn’t want to put anything on their skin they wouldn’t trust eating.


Since then, we’ve cultivated a worldwide community of loving, caring, and thoughtful individuals. You build us up and inspire us every day.


As our community grew, our brand grew—and vice versa. We have always listened to our community first and knew that we were both evolving together. It was time for a new chapter.


Though the execution of this rebrand has been months in the works, we felt the first intuitive ping leading us towards it two years ago. As we let the idea marinate, it became increasingly clearer this was the path flow was directing us in.


The Story Behind My July


The main goals of our rebrand were to embrace the harmonious bond between nature and humans and deliver products that are safe, effective, and comforting for everyone. Our new tagline “It’s in our nature” encapsulates how intrinsically connected we are to the earth.


While our formulas have remained the same, our new name, tagline, logo, and color palette tell the visual story of a world where we are gentle and kind with ourselves, indulge in life’s tender moments, and are in true harmony with nature.


As our products were born out of my late-stage chronic Lyme disease, 3% of our proceeds will go to Global Lyme Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to conquering Lyme and other tick-borne diseases through research, education, awareness, and support.


My mom and I are excited for you to experience the new look and feel of the products we have spent so much time creating for you. We’re also excited to share our new website and Instagram. Most of all, we are excited for the new conversations, connections, and stories this rebrand will spark within our community.


We are honored to make products that enhance your world.


We hope you welcome My July into your life with open arms.


Let’s feel and be our best selves.


In harmony with nature,

Micaela, Co-Founder & CEO

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