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What Makes Our Body Butters So Great (Part I)


Our body butters will forever have a special place in our hearts because they’re the first products we launched. When Micaela was going through her most severe skin flare-up, we needed to create a thick and ultra-moisturizing remedy for her that was powerful yet gentle and non-irritating. Enter body butters.


All of our butters start out with a base of over half shea butter. Blushing Ambition, Five O’Clock Hour, Barefoot in the Park, Jar of Cozy, and Therapy have cocoa butter as well. This is what makes them solid at room temperature. Shea butter creates a barrier on the surface of the skin which holds in water, allowing your skin to stay hydrated. It’s incredible to reduce inflammation which was a lifesaver when Micaela’s hands were so dry a few years ago, she wrapped them in gauze as they cracked and bled. 


Cocoa butter is another powerhouse for hydrating the skin. It’s abundant in fatty acids and rich in antioxidants which can help fight off free-radical damage. When we purchase these butters from our suppliers, they come in chunks of rich goodness. Then, we melt them so they can be mixed with the rest of our ingredients which you’ll learn about in Part II.


Read Part II here and Part III here.


Shop our full line of body butters here.


In harmony with nature,

Micaela & Dawn, Founders & CEOs

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