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Our Morning Routines


The way you structure your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Establishing a solid morning routine also makes it easier to adopt other good habits in other areas of your life. We’re both early birds who enjoy slow mornings to let our bodies breathe before starting our day. One of our routines is a bit more involved than the other’s…

Dawn’s Morning Routine
6:00 AM: Wake up and make bed
6:10 AM: Wash face
6:20 AM: Brush teeth & tongue scrape
6:30 AM: Write gratitudes in Five Minute Journal
6:40 AM: Spritz on Paris, facial massage with our Solstice Gua Sha & Gold Mine, and apply sunscreen
7:00 AM: Make & drink 16 oz of celery juice
7:15 AM: Walk Aubrey while listening to a podcast or audiobook
8:00 AM: Make coffee & check phone to catch up on the news


Our Morning Routines


Micaela’s Morning Routine
5:30 AM: Wake up and make bed
5:40 AM: Wash face
5:45 AM: Brush teeth & tongue scrape
5:50 AM: Oil pull
5:55 AM: Gargle with warm water and salt
6:00 AM: Rinse sinuses with neti-pot
6:10 AM: Deep breathe & stretch
6:30 AM: Make & drink 32 oz of celery juice
6:50 AM: Dry brush
7:00 AM: Detox bath (part of my Lyme healing protocol)
7:30 AM: Moisturize with body butter (lately it’s been Jar of Cozy)
7:45 AM: Facial massage with our Solstice Gua Sha & Gold Mine
8:15 AM: Coffee enema (part of my Lyme healing protocol)
10:00 AM: Check emails on laptop and begin work


We live together, so we’ll often pass each other en route to our next station to perform our next ritual like monks tending to their altars. And we time it so that we drink our celery juice together. Mornings are something we look forward to and something we hold sacred.


In harmony with nature,

Micaela & Dawn, Founders & CEOs


P.S. Check out this video we made where we swap morning routines!

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